Fat tulips - demo-tape

I’m originally from Astoria, Oregon, where the Columbia River meets the Pacific Ocean. That’s not incidental, since my best friend in high school was Rob Christie, who was an original member of Some Velvet Sidewalk (off-kilter indie-pop, K Records mainstay in the 1990s). He sadly died in a car accident 15 years ago; he also taught me everything I knew through 1982 about punk rock, so when I went to Harvard that year I wanted to learn more. Before I met Rob I was a total AOR-head; we received two FM radio stations in Astoria from Seattle, KZOK and KISW, which played the usual Zeppelin-Pink Floyd shite but occasionally, also, Lou Reed or The Cars or Elvis Costello. Then Rob taught me about the Ramones and X and the Dead Kennedys. At Harvard, I became a DJ at WHRB , still a pretty amazing radio station, where the rock department had just transitioned from new-wave to punk, which suited me to a tee in 1983. My radio show in the early years used “Fight the System” by the Indiana hardcore band The Delinquents as its theme song.

Alaska : I thought the Hamburg label Marsh Marigold was no more. To my surprise I see they have released a new album, “Whitewash the Tidemarks”, a 12″ vinyl mini-LP by the Hamburg based band Alaska. 6 songs are included, “Motorway”, “Every Other Monday”, “We Don’t Sing Anymore”, “No More Sorrow”, “Non Silent Night” and “Naked Killed Babies”. The album was released on January 31st and I hear it is limited to 300 copies and coloured vinyl. Let’s see if I can find a copy myself! For those not aware of Alaska, this is not their first release! They’ve been around since 1994 and have a bunch of releases, “Kings of the Class EP” 7″, “Noveau Liberty” CD and “These Sacred Floors” CD. The band is formed by Torben, Björn, Christoph, Patrick and Stephan, and these new songs do sound really good!

I bring you some news! Now you can pre-order the upcoming retrospective by The County Fathers on our website. As usual, as in all of our Cloudberry Cake Kitchen ...